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Alight Motion APK v5.0.196.1000570 (Subscription Unlocked, No Ads)

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Alight Creative, Inc.
Name Alight Motion — Video and Animation Editor
Offered By Alight Creative, Inc.
Size 132M
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Update January 23, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Price FREE

After becoming video motion editing leaders, Alight Motion may utilize the tagline “Be Part Of The Movement” in marketing materials. First of its kind, it enables you to create motion graphics on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

About Alight Motion App

The Alright motion editing tool lets you edit video, produce professional-quality animation, and edit motion graphics on your smartphone. Keyframe animation, grouping, masking, and over 100 basic effects building elements are only the beginning. The program gives your videos a professional and distinctive style.

Since the app was the first specialist motion graphics application, it established a standard for excellence and helped build cutting-edge video editing and special effects features.

Features Of Alight Motion APK

The standard frame rate for a video is 29.7 fps, however the App allows you to play your videos at twice that pace, at 60 fps. Having the option to edit your movies in 40K and 60 frames per second opens you more possibilities for expression. This feature also works with slow-motion videos, which have been trending on several social media platforms lately.

Multiple Layers Of Visual And Auditory Information

Users may divide a movie into many layers and edit them simultaneously using this function. There are several techniques to improve movie visuals. Composite images benefit from blending mode.

Both Vector And Bitmap Images Are Supported

The App lets you import vector illustrations. This feature makes this video editor stand out. Additionally, it can make vector drawings.

Comprehensive Analysis Of Widespread Video Resolutions

This program provides a comprehensive library of accessible video ratios that may be used throughout the editing process. Expert video editors and filmmakers will most likely find this feature useful.

There Is Flexibility In The Export Formats Available For Video Files

If you have ever used a video editing tool that only generates films in a single format, particularly if it is not the format you want, you may know how time-consuming and difficult it is to change a transmitted video format. Using the Alight Motion App eliminates this and other video export format concerns. This program exports films, photographs, and motion designs to MP4, GIF, PNG, sequence, and more.

Bring In Stuff, And Use Custom Fonts, Too

Whether you’re trying to adjust the size of a font or add a special effect to a video or image, all it takes is a few clicks.

There Are Many Factors And Outcomes hundreds Upon Hundreds

The editing software provides you with access to more than a hundred amazing components, rather than just ten or twenty. Alight Motion provides its customers with a wide range of tools and effects to help them accomplish their video and graphic editing goals. This is in keeping with the adage that “variety is the sweetness of life.”

Carry In, Or Bring In

After navigating to the main menu, import your photos to edit. Click the plus (+) to choose your movie’s frame rate, backdrop color, and resolution. Adjust as needed, then click “Create Project”. Select the media you want to go with. In addition to text, premade images, and vector graphics, this website also lets you choose from a variety of shapes, noises, objects, and items.

Changes And Edits

More than a hundred distinct elements for making great movies are available in the Alight Motion app. You may add your own touch by importing or downloading various customization options. It’s not hard to cut, trim, and edit the videos, either. What about gadgets that blend moving lights with music? Audio enhancement and extraction methods are also at your disposal.

Including blend mode in your video gives viewers the option to change a layer’s individual pixels. This program’s rich color pallet lets you easily add attention-grabbing tones to your video or still photography projects. In addition, you may get your hands on a high-quality color booster. Stunning and one-of-a-kind media may be created with the help of the many outstanding effects at your disposal.

The Difference Between Freehand And Vector Drawing

You may make all sorts of amazing shapes using the alight motion freehand sketching tool. A color wheel, an adjustable brush, and an eraser are just some of the tools at your disposal. The alight gesture also allows for vector drawing.

Leaving port

Work created in alight motion may be exported with little effort. You may save your work in a variety of formats, including GIF, MP4, and PNG Sequence. These features make it quite unlikely that your exported file will need to be further modified before being used.


The app has additional features, such as paid upgrades. You can create the most amazing, one-of-a-kind movie imaginable, but certain elements are locked behind a paywall unless you sign up for a paid account. Some of the recently introduced effects and creative sharing possibilities are not available in the free version.