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Discord APK v199.15 – Stable (Unlimited Nitro, Google Drive)

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Discord Inc.
Name Discord Apk
Offered By Discord Inc.
Size 106M
Latest Version 199.15 - Stable
MOD Info (Unlimited Nitro, Google Drive)
Update October 13, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Price FREE

Microsoft spent billions to purchase Discord after its stratospheric ascent to popularity as a must-have online chat tool. Start using Discord to understand why. The tool makes it simple to establish chat rooms where friends and strangers may have text-, audio-, and video-based interactions. Non-gamers may benefit from Discord. Discord is a great online chat tool, so start using it now.

About Discord APK

You may use your free Discord account on other services. Use Discord on Linux, macOS, or Windows by visiting the website or downloading the desktop client. Mobile Discord is available for iOS and Android. Discord’s flawless integration with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network accounts is even more impressive. Discord’s ban on the Nintendo Switch isn’t shocking given Nintendo’s online history. Nintendo may alter its mind. Our PS5 and Xbox Series X/S voice chat guide might help you use Discord on a console

Features of Discord APK

The free Discord should enough for most people. Discord Nitro, its premium service, now offers two levels. Discord Nitro Basic costs $2.99 a month and lets you display your Nitro profile badge, utilize custom emotes outside of your home server, and convert GIFS into animated avatars and emoticons. Discord Nitro (Nitro) costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Nitro subscribers may upload files up to 500 MB, unlike the free and Basic plans’ 25 and 50 MB limits.

Discord Nitro Has Two Server Upgrades

Server level increases by one as players boost. Free users may acquire premium server features at a certain level. FREE users may pay $5/month for server upgrades. Both Discord premium levels provide better video and audio. Free streaming offers 720p/30/96kbps video and audio. Premium users may watch 1080p at 60 fps with 384 kbps audio.

Even with the greatest footage, Discord wasn’t supposed to replace other video game live streaming platforms. Will you use Discord as a chatroom for spectators during your broadcast? Link your Twitch account. Want more methods for Discord users to donate? Linking your Patreon would be wonderful. Discord is self-aware and acknowledges its limitations. Discord no longer sells games once it became evident it would not replace Steam.

Starting Discord Server

In Discord, everything happens on a server you build or join. Slack and Discord servers contain topic-specific “channels” so users may conduct open-ended chats about anything. Members may type or talk, depending on the channel.  User interactions include private messaging and video calls. Your channels may be further organized into categories like gaming or general conversation. One server can handle 500 channels in 50 groups. Despite potentially supporting 500,000 users on a server, only 25,000 may utilize the service without performance difficulties.

Discord Server Participation

You should tailor your server to your players. Your server might be accessible to anybody or just to invited guests. Celebrate an inside joke with a custom emoji. Display the banner artist’s work. Allow administrators to prohibit or warn disruptive users. Premium members should be compensated for improving the server.

One Server Is Optional

You may join 100 servers at once. Change your name to start a new chapter quickly and easily. Invite your previous server mates to the new one. Choose which server alerts to get first in your mailbox. You may easily move between local communities, vast oceans, and smaller groups on Discord. You may benefit from tight-knit groups while exploring a larger ecology.

Due to Discord’s new username regulations, user communities are divided. The number suffix on previous usernames will be removed, therefore everyone must pick a new one. Discord said this adjustment was made due to numerical user name confusion. Essentially, this standardizes social media usernames. Veteran users thought that the switch generated undue worry since everyone scrambled to retrieve their old identities before it was too late. Your username is now independent from your display name and server moniker, which is good.

Discovering Discord’s Servers

The second question is why join Discord. Electronic entertainment remains the priority. Imagine buying Rocket League, Overwatch 2, or any online co-op game with your friends. Discord lets you and your team conduct secure in-game communications on any platform. After a lengthy game, you may wish to relax with pals. Discord supports online-focused games like Jackbox Party Pack. Microsoft allows Xbox One gaming streaming to Discord.


With over a quarter billion users, Discord is quickly becoming the favorite online chat platform for many individuals, not just gamers. Discord has been used to organize Netflix viewing parties and Spotify jam sessions with distant buddies. One may call them “social networking.” You can use Discord to continue your tabletop RPG campaign when some players can’t. Kids of various ages use Discord for homework and project collaboration. The Family Center now gives parents additional control over their children’s Discord usage. Since video calls make Discord a competitor to Zoom Meetings, I’ve attended publisher press briefings on their servers.