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Famous Painters Quiz – Solved Question & Answer

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Hey gentlemen, are you a painter or painting collecter? Do you have any Idea about famous painting and their painter? If yes! Then we recommend you to test your knowledge with a short quiz game, but if you don’t have much idea about famous painting and their painter, then we also recommend you to play a short quiz game about famous painters quiz for free.

Many people like to paint or collect different paintings, for these kinds of people we here with an entertaining and knowledgeable quiz game, so that they can test their knowledge about famous painters or paintings.

Knowledge about a specific art is best for the artist working on the same skill. Similarly, knowing other famous paintings and painters is essential if you are a painter or painting collector. So guys, if you also want to know about famous paintings and painters, then you are in the right place.

Here in this post, we will inform you about a short quiz game conducted by Bing search engine as the name of famous painters quiz, that allows its users to test and boost their knowledge about famous painters. So get ready to play this short quiz game and test your knowledge of paintings and painters.

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What Is Famous Painters Quiz Game?

The famous painters quiz is one of the latest features offered by the Bing search engine that allows visitors to test their knowledge of famous painters and paintings. Many people want to collect the different famous paintings from worldwide, but they don’t know much about these paintings and painters, and that’s why the Bing search engine comes with this quiz game. With this quiz game, anyone can test and boost their knowledge about famous paintings & painters for free.

What Is Famous Painters Quiz Game

Suppose you also want to test and boost your knowledge regarding famous painters. In that case, the famous painters quiz is the best choice, with an opportunity to get more knowledge about different paintings & painters. All quiz game questions are designed to provide knowledge and entertainment so that anyone can play them for free. Here you can see many questions about famous painters like Rembradts, Leonardo da Vinci, Leon Trotsky, Salvador Dali, and many more. By attempting all the questions of this quiz test, you will get to learn more facts about these painters and their paintings.

Whether a painter or painting collector, this quiz game is designed for everyone. This quiz game can challenge your IQ and knowledge about famous painters.

It is one of the best features offered by the Bing search engine that helps to bring and engage new visitors. The Bing search engine also provides many other features to attract new visitors to its site. We have also described them one by one on our website; you can read them by visiting our website, but in this post, we are discussing Famous painters quizzes, so let’s see how to play them.

Rules of The Famous painters quiz

So guys, if you want to play this game, then you have to follow some rules, which are given below:

  1. This quiz contains seven questions, and each question has three options.
  2. Players have to solve each question in 15 seconds.
  3. You can also use the hint button to take help (but by clicking on the hint button, you will lose points)
  4. The faster you answer, the more game point you will get.

How To Play Famous Painters Quiz

  1. To play this quiz game, open the Bing homepage and search famous painters quizfrom the module in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Tap on the Bing Tech History Quiz
  3. Now you will see the first question on your screen with four different options (A, B, C)
  4. Choose the correct answer and tap on the next button.

Examples of Famous painters quiz

1. Who painted Picador in his childhood?

  1. Claude Monet
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Giorgio Vasari

Ans/- Pablo Picasso

2. Who is this quote attributed to? “A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not.”

  1. Leonardo da Vinci
  2. Botticelli
  3. Raphael

Ans/- Leonardo da Vinci

3. Who painted The Storm on the Sea of Galilee?

  1. Rembrandt van Rijn
  2. Vincent van Gogh
  3. Paul Gauguin

Ans/- Rembrandt van Rijn 


So guys, are you ready to play a quiz game and test your knowledge about Famous painters? If yes! Then visit now Famous painters quiz on the Bing search engine and start playing this game. If you liked this post, then share it with others.