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Kiddions Mod Menu – (GTA 5 Mod Menu)

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Kiddions Mod Menu, a free program, lets you tweak a lot in Grand Theft Auto 5 without triggering security alarms. You now have covert money drop, rigged slot machines, vehicle spawner, and trolling, among other additional choices.

The Kiddions Mod Menu is one of the most reliable GTA mods for quickly collecting cash drops and casino rewards. The reputation of this add-on makes it popular. For more Grand Theft Auto 5 modifications, try Pedestrian Riot Mod and Just Cause 3 Mod.

About Kiddions Mod Menu

Grand Theft Auto 5 may be customized like any other game. These unauthorized Grand Theft Auto 5 mods may enhance the game. Many call these amazing enhancements “user modifications”. Grand Theft Auto 5 has many mod menus, like the Kiddion’s GTA 5 Mod Menu, which may improve the game. Grand Theft Auto gamers also trust it as a mod menu. For months, Kiddion’s Mod Menu was broken. After being deleted from GTA 5, it returned as a more comprehensive mod menu.

Kiddions Mod Menu Features

Kiddon made this amazing mod menu. This redesigned menu supports hotkeys, making it easier to use. Additionally, many new features are being developed. Use this update without fees or licenses in 2023. Visit our website to easily get the newest mod menu (0.9.8). You’ll also find setup instructions below. Recent Kiddion mod menu updates include “Spawn Options,” “Recovery,” “Money,” “RP,” and more.

Gta5 Offers Several Customizations

Using Kiddions Mod Menu to handle slot machines increases your chances of winning the big jackpot every spin. You can practically assure a win by doing this before every fortunate wheel spin. You may even fake your own automobile to drive anonymously. Additionally, you may customize the bunkers to boost their efficacy.

This modification application protects online players from lobby modders. Customization choices are faster and simpler using a hotkey mod menu. Pressing F5 opens the main menu. Use Numpad 8, 2, or 0 to go up, down, or backward. Hit 5 on your numeric keyboard to confirm your choice.

You may lower a selection’s value with Numpad 4 and raise it with Numpad 6. Turn off antivirus and Windows Defender before downloading. This reduces the possibility of corrupted or unusable downloads. Launch Grand Theft Auto 5 and double-click the mod’s executable file to install when properly installed.

GTA 5’s gameplay Is Better

Cool and inventive, the Kiddions Mod Menu enriches GTA 5’s gameplay. Playing the slot machines and fortunate wheels here will almost always win you money, which you may spend in other ways. Kiddions mod settings provide shortcut keys to speed up and simplify operations.

The Kiddions Mod Menu is the greatest GTA 5 menu mod. Kiddion created this mod menu. No hidden fees apply to this mod menu. We guarantee this mod menu will make Grand Theft Auto 5 more entertaining. The latest version, released December 24, 2022, is 13.6 MB. Although it’s neither spam or a virus, your browser may flag it or stop the download. The nature of altering makes this inevitable. Include this in your games without risking your safety.


Changing the game may enhance your experience. The simple menu is gaining fans and will soon be a popular GTA V mod menu. Kiddion, the mod’s developer, deserves full credit for his effort. We will demonstrate its simple setup and usage. Kiddions mod menu is for asking questions about the newest version (0.9.5). If your mod menu is broken, contact us and grab Kiddion’s newest from our site. Since Kiddion, the creator, often alters the mod menu, this is likely.