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Medal Tv
Name Medal Tv
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Latest Version 4.22.4
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Update November 6, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Sharing spectacular experiences and successes is essential to gaming. Gamers love to record and share amazing FPS headshots, fighting game combos, and funny in-game fails. The app simplifies that procedure like never before. In this detailed review, we’ll discuss Medal TV‘s features and how to use it to share your gaming moments.

About Medal TV

Medal TV is desktop and mobile gaming software. The main goal is to make recording, capturing, and sharing gaming easy. The app is simple and focused on gaming, setting it unique from other screen recording and sharing programs. It’s compatible with Steam, Epic Games, and more, making it essential for gamers who want to show off their abilities and memories.

Features Of Medal TV

Easy Recording And Capture

Medal TV makes recording gaming easier. Using a few clicks, you may record your game sessions or capture highlights using customized hotkeys. The software records games in great definition, capturing spectacular moments clearly.

Instant Highlights

The app’s capacity to automatically compile gameplay highlights is a notable feature. It detects kills, accomplishments, and interesting sequences using clever algorithms. This function eliminates the need to search hours of gameplay video for the greatest clips.

Customization And Editing

The app offers several personalization possibilities. Perfect your recorded footage before sharing by trimming and editing. To provide context or improve viewer experience, add text, notes, or subtitles to videos.

Seamless Sharing

The app excels in broadcasting game highlights. The software integrates easily with Twitter, YouTube, and Discord. Create a The app profile to share your video with other gamers that enjoy your talents and comedy.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The app supports several game platforms. You may record moments from your favorite games on PC, console, or mobile with it. The software supports Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, and others.

Performance Impact

Screen recording software may affect game performance. The app reduces this influence, to keep your games fluid when recording.

How To Use Medal TV

A Step-by-step Instruction To Using Medal Tv Follows

App download And Installation

Visit the The app website or app store (e.g., Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and download the app for your device.

Install and set up the app using the on-screen directions.

Account Creation (Optional)

The app may be used without an account, but you can establish one to access the community features.

Create an account with email, Google, or Discord.

Setup Settings: Customize settings to your liking before recording. Hotkeys for beginning and stopping recording, recording quality, and other settings are available.

Track Your Gameplay

Start playing your game. Record highlights using the preset hotkey. The app settings usually allow customization of this hotkey.

  • Play your game as normal, and the software will generate highlights.
  • Edit and Share: Review gameplay footage on the The app app after recording.
  • To make clips more interesting, cut, edit, and add text or subtitles.
  • You may share your highlights on social media or in the The app community after you’re happy.


In conclusion, Medal TV is a valuable tool for players to easily film and share their gaming moments. Anyone wishing to show off their gaming skills or fun moments should download this program because to its user-friendly UI, automated highlight recognition, customization possibilities, and seamless sharing. The app lets professional esports players and casual gamers share their gaming highlights with the world.