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Metal Detector APK – Download For Android

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Smart Tools co.
Name Metal Detector
Offered By Smart Tools co.
Size 6M
Latest Version 1.6.2
MOD Info Ad-Free
Update October 26, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Android’s Metal Detector can turn your phone into a metal detector. App uses mobile device’s magnetometer and offers an easy UI. It searches the neighborhood for metal. This is essential for treasure hunters and those who need to find buried metal goods.

About Metal Detector APK

The software turns an Android smartphone into a metal detector by estimating magnetic field values using the magnetic sensor. Data is shown using micro Testlas (T). Ten milliGauss equals one terahertz. Normal magnetic fields are 25–65 T, or 0.25–0.65 G. Readings over average suggest metal presence. Metal generates a stronger magnetic field. This programme finds ferrous metals like iron well but not nonmagnetic ones like aluminium. The app excels at detecting metals from 15 cm away.

Features Of Metal Detector APK

A metal detector can measure metals, electrical waves, and magnetic fields. It is feasible to measure, and any relevant information from doing so would be welcomed. Users must follow the app’s device setup instructions and switch off certain electrical equipment to prevent tampering with results.

Location Indicators For Certain Elements

The software users may detect game components by customizing a range of characteristics. With the charts, easily analyze and display parameter changes. This instrument has many practical applications since electronic waves, magnetic fields, and metals affect these changes.

Installed And Used Separately By End Users

The software s may be used in many scenarios if one learns their objectives. Metal items may be placed anywhere and found fast using scanning technology. Additionally, you can readily locate lines and important pipes in your home. Thus, searching is simplified, but some considerations remain.

Variety Of Showcases

The software users may question what units are utilized for measurements. The program supports various units and may be simply changed to operate with several measurement standards. When the objective arrives suddenly, use as few units of measurement as possible to emphasize the transition. Since various things impact the application, data collection should be done carefully.

Multiple Factors Affect Measurement Accuracy

Some devices have device-specific requirements before they can utilize the software. Therefore, you cannot utilize these functionalities unless it is fulfilled, and the metric must account for impacted devices. Users must deactivate possibly irritating electrical equipment before taking readings.Simply start and move the software to use it. Increased magnetic field values indicate metal. TVs and computers might interfere with the program since it solely uses your smartphone’s magnetic sensor.

Software malfunctions are usually caused by the magnetic sensor. Your gadget may not have one. You may also activate the sensors by rotating your phone in a figure-8 while pointing it up. Remove magnetic coverings for accurate gadget results. A magnetic enclosure disrupts Android’s magnetic sensor. Make sure your smartphone cover is metal-free before downloading software and using it.

Both Useful And Effective

The app uses your Android phone’s magnetometer to find misplaced metal items. Application operates properly in this mode. This application detects audio and visuals in real time. The app’s detection meter fills up and an auditory beep increases when the user approaches a metal item, giving a simple detection technique.

One user review says the app can identify a can cover from 6 inches away. Even though it can’t detect long distances, the device’s sensors largely determine its detection range. The Android smartphone experience may differ by model.

The evaluation indicates the app may use the device’s camera. Metal detectorists who prefer visuals may find this function handy.

Personalized User Experience

The app’s simple UI makes it easy for the software beginners. The second user review highlights the service’s seamless performance and low ad load. This is a benefit as too many ads might hurt usability.

But the same review says the app occasionally stops responding. Developers may be able to enhance the product, which may effect user happiness and performance.


Finally, the app is a useful metal detection tool. It’s well-designed and seldom interrupted by adverts, making it fun to use. Results may vary based on the device’s sensing capability, and freezing may occur. Despite these minor limitations, the app is highly recommended for anybody needing a portable metal detector.