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Pgsharp v1.129.1 (Joystick Unlocked, Anti Ban)

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Name PGSharp
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Size 212 MB
Latest Version 1.129.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Update October 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Many people wanted to know whether PGSharp was up and running, and if so, if they should bother giving it a try. We’ll be talking about using the app to discuss playing Pokemon Go today. The best alternatives to the app that can be utilized effectively in most cases will also be discussed. Since Niantic monitors its users closely, your account might be banned if you employ this technique. If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical tools used in spoofing, go no further than MocPOGO. Let’s get this weblog started right now.

About Pgsharp

PGSharp is a piece of software produced by a third party that allows players to access and play Pokemon GO on their mobile devices. The creators of the appAndroid app set out to give gamers yet another opportunity to enjoy the viral augmented reality game. The tool uses a modified Pokemon GO software to unlock features not in the official release. Faking your GPS position is one of the app’s finest features.  Many players rely on this feature to accomplish tasks like as capturing Pokemon in inaccessible areas, taking part in faraway raids, or just exploring new areas.

Features Of Pgsharp

PGSharp is a powerful tool for creating clones of Pokemon GO because to its many high-quality features. In addition, there isn’t much of a learning curve involved with grasping these components since they are straightforward to understand. Some of the app’s key features are the ability to auto-walk in Pokemon GO and the elimination of the time-consuming process of hatching eggs. Your avatar may stroll along the route you’ve specified while you relax and watch a movie, get some shut-eye, or do anything else.

The fastest way to catch cute creatures that are only accessible in certain nations is with the help of this Pokemon GO hack, which gives the user the power to teleport swiftly from one location to another.

Changing your walking speed is an easy way to simulate the motion of a real person.

You may still control your character’s movement without reinstalling the feature thanks to the phony GPS joystick included into the game.

Instead of having to manually hunt for the Pokemon you need, the Nearby Radar feature will automatically take you there.

How To Use Pokemon Go Like A Pgsharp

  • Learn how to use the app version of Pokemon Go to catch your favorite Pokemon without really leaving your current location.
  • The app may be downloaded and installed directly from the official website.
  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Run the software from your PC.
  • Launch the app and choose preferences.
  • Click “Teleport”.
  • Once set up, you may input GPS coordinates or a street address to locate yourself.
  • The app automatically fakes your Pokemon GO location when you choose it.

Instructions For Installing Pgsharp On Your Mobile Device

Want to try this Pokemon GO hack right now but can’t control your excitement? The app is available now for iOS devices. This Pokemon GO spoofing app is currently just for Android, so iPhone users must use another. However, iOS supports the app. Despite not being officially supported, the software may be used on iOS devices using two extra apps.

Installation In IOS

First, enable Background App Refresh when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. First, search for appfast.club in Safari and make sure Background App Refresh is turned on in Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Wi-Fi & Cellular Data. To begin an injection, locate the app using the drop-down menu and tap it.


The third-party program PGSharp lets Pokemon Go users fake their location and access new capabilities. However, breaching Niantic’s terms of service puts consumers at risk of security breaches and unstable services. MocPOGO is an excellent choice because to its user-friendliness and high-tech spoofing features. It has features including a joystick interface, GPS simulation, and the ability to import GPX files. Users looking to lessen the risks associated with utilizing the location spoofing tool may want to investigate viable alternatives such as MocPOGO.