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Shiro no Yakata v1.8 (Unlocked More Features)

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Shiro DEV
Name Shiro no Yakata
Offered By Shiro DEV
Size 123 MB
Latest Version 1.8
MOD Info (Unlocked More Features)
Update October 13, 2023
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The popularity of escape games is increasing rapidly and has become a global sensation in recent years, as it challenges our problem-solving skills and creativity. If you also love to play escape video games and are looking for the best escape game to enjoy on your mobile phone, then you are on a treat! Shiro no Yakata is one of the most-played escape video games, allowing players to enter a world where mystery and adventure collide.

If you want to know about this fantastic video game, read this blog post without skipping until the end. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to this unique video game by exploring the fantastic features of this game that make it worth exploring. So let’s start:

What Is Shiro no Yakata?

Shiro no Yakata, also known as the “The White Mansion” in English, is one of Japan’s most famous escape video games. This video game has successfully made a specific place in the hearts and minds of countless gamers with its exciting and immersive escape gameplay.

In this game, you will experience an exceptional blend of traditional escape room puzzles and a thrilling storyline that takes you on a suspenseful journey through a haunted mansion. This game was about an exciting journey in that mysterious and haunted mansion filled with secrets and puzzles.

It has immense popularity, and countless players spend hours playing this unique video game for its appealing and aesthetic gameplay, in which you have to play as a virtual character and solve puzzles by working against time to unlock the mansion’s secrets and escape. So, if you want a unique escape game experience, this game has something special. Download it from the link to enjoy its appealing, aesthetic, and exciting gameplay.


Let’s explore some of the key features that make Shiro no Yakata a one-of-a-kind adventure:

Immersive Storyline

Unlike other ordinary escape video games you have played. In this game, you will explore a thrilling storyline that takes you through a haunted mansion. Imagine a live-action scary-adventure movie where you are the main protagonist working against the clock to uncover a haunted mansion’s secrets to escape. This video game’s gripping storyline and immersive atmosphere make it highly addictive and stand out from other escape games.


It is not a solo-playing video game, so you must build a team with your friends or family to solve puzzles and riddles like teamwork. In this video game, collaboration plays a vital role, so collaborate and communicate effectively with your team members to work like a team to solve challenging puzzles and enigmatic riddles to escape from the mansion.

Challenging Puzzles

In this game, you have to unlock the secrets of a hunted mansion by solving various challenging puzzles and enigmatic riddles like math problems and codes. You will find these puzzles and riddles tricky, but you can quickly solve them with proper teamwork to get fantastic rewards. With this game, you can improve your problem-solving skills and creativity, as you need to challenge your problem-solving skills and creativity to solve these challenging puzzles and riddles.

Immersive Environments

This game was just like a live-action movie set filled with spooky atmospherics and detailed support that adds to the overall experience. Its dark & creepy visuals, scary sound effects, fabulous decorations, and hidden surprises make it stand out from other escape video games. If you love weird and scary movies or fun, then you will find this game more exciting and entertaining.

Time Pressure

In this game, you have to work against time to solve all the puzzles and riddles to unlock the hidden secrets of that scary mansion. This game allows you to solve all the puzzles and riddles in a limited time, so you must work fast and feel the excitement build up.

Language Support

If you are worried about language barriers, let us inform you that you can download this game with English-language support from any source, including our website. Its English-language-supported version was the best alternative for tourists and non-Japanese speakers who want to enjoy this game on their smartphones.


Shiro no Yakata is a fantastic escape video game you can play on your smartphone. This game has gained immense popularity for its storytelling, teamwork, and puzzle-solving elements. If you are looking for a fantastic video game for entertainment, then try this game once. Download the English-language-supported version of the game from the given link to immerse yourself in its unique storyline and gameplay.