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Tag After School v9.5 (Unlocked More Features)

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Tag After School
Name Tag After School
Offered By Tag After School
Size 31M
Latest Version 9.5
MOD Info (Unlocked More Features)
Update November 22, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Do you have a fascination for horror films, shows, games etc? Are you brave enough to confront deadly ghosts and explore their world? Then, Tag After School is your ideal gaming platform that will transform your dream of dealing with ghosts into reality virtually. The game will leave you at a haunted Japanese school where a lot of handsome but dangerous ghosts will come your way. You have to get out of that school safely without being harmed by those ghosts. Isn’t the game interesting and adrenaline-pumping? Come, let us explore it!

Tag After School – The Game Plot

Love to deal with challenging games? Choose Tag after School over any other and experience the fun of fighting with terrors. This play is a role-playing one where you have to assume the role of Shota-Kun, a Japanese youthful school-going chap who is shy in nature. You, as the boy, have to confront various creepy and haunted visuals and horrific ghosts and obstacles that the ghosts create. You have to overcome them to escape from the haunted school safely in an uninjured manner.

Shota-Kun, the nervous boy in this game is taunted by his friends and is challenged to stay one night at this haunted school. He accepted it and came to spend one night in this academy. Here’s where the play begins. You, as Shota-Kun, have to search for the exit gate of the school after the completion of his exploration of the whole school premises.

Also, you have to collect some necessary objects (for example, torches, cells, etc) to fulfill your endeavor to leave the school safely. Keep avoiding all the ghosts who confront you in the school and keep progressing towards your destination. Move carefully in the entire school premises so that no ghost can harm you. Use different strategies in this play to win. Making the right decisions in each and every moment will help. It is the only way to overcome all levels of the game smoothly without giving much effort.

Tag After School – It’s Features

  1. The Game Is Quite Engaging

This horror game has been made in such a way that it addicts the players in the game and engages them in the play for a long time. The haunted visuals and graphics of the play are so attractive that they will never let you feel bored.

  1. The Game Comprises Captivating Plot

The plot of the game is super captivating and inviting, especially for those who are brave and love to accept challenges. The story of Shota-Kun, his bravery in accepting the challenge of staying in the haunted school for a night, gut of facing the fears and finding the way to get rid of this horror seems like the plot of a movie.

  1. The Game Comprises Flexible Endings

The game doesn’t have a single boring ending. Rather there are multiple endings to this game. The way you play the game decides the ending you’re going to counter. It all depends upon your decision.

  1. The Game Has No Scarcity Of Challenges

This game is full of obstacles as your foes will keep waiting in every corner of the school to attack you. You have to detect them and evade their blows. Staying away from all troubles and overcoming them gradually to ultimately find out the escape route is the only way to win the game.

  1. It’s Quite Easy To Control The Game

The game comes with simple controls. You can easily manipulate those controls with your fingers according to your necessity and progress the game without much effort.

  1. The Game Comes With Interesting Riddles And Clues

This haunting game also comes with haunted mysteries and puzzles. You will be given the clues for solving those puzzles. These riddles will help you progress in the play.


So, step aside all your fears of the haunted and be ready to ride the roller coaster of this super thrilling ghost-themed game. We bet the enjoyment you will get from it will be uncompromising.