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Textnow APK – Call & Text Unlimited Enjoy

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TextNow, Inc.
Name TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited
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Update November 2, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Humans are sociable animals that like maintaining relationships with loved ones. They employ several methods to communicate with the outside world. To address this requirement, hundreds of thousands of firms provide cutting-edge communication. One of the most important entries is TextNow. To assist readers understand TextNow, we’ve explained how it operates, its features, customer testimonials, and its price levels.

About Textnow APK

TextNow provides free calling and texting to qualifying smartphones. The site allows TextNow registration. TextNow, a mobile data supplier, can assist mobile app developers discover more about their target audience. TextNow users download the software and buy a smartphone SIM card to utilize the service.

What Is Textnow APK

TextNow SIM cards provide unlocked phones access to the biggest US 5G/4G network. These services are different from WhatsApp, Telegram, and other chat applications. TextNow’s ability to send and receive messages without a wireless network is its main advantage over other texting services. Most third-party chat applications lack this. If you’re away from a WiFi connection or on the fly, use a TextNow SIM card, which works nationwide.

Feature Textnow APK

Textnow Does What?

TextNow offers cheaper calls and texts than ever before. To use TextNow, download and install the software on an unlocked Android or Apple phone or insert a TextNow SIM card. You may contact clients, friends, and family in the US and Canada using TextNow’s phone services. Even the cheapest package includes calls and texts. This is one of the service’s best features. Only if you use the additional services will you pay. You may text as many people as you want with a TextNow membership.

How Does Textnow Work?

TextNow lets you make and receive free calls and messages via Wi-Fi or your mobile data plan. You may utilize TextNow’s phone services using the mobile app or SIM card. Instead of getting a new free phone number with the SIM card, TextNow lets customers maintain their present number. Customers may maintain their current phone number, as noted above.

TextNow sells premium phone numbers. For the uninitiated, premium numbers appear better than others (966-6666). Premium numbers are easier to recall, therefore businesses should use them. Once you have a phone number, you may use your browser to join up for TextNow and remain in touch.

Textnow Mobile Phone Service Highlights

The top three TextNow benefits are shown below. Let’s briefly review each. TextNow subscribers may make free international calls to the US and Canada. To call outside Canada and the US, you must have enough cash in your account. The nation or area you dialed into determines your per-minute rate.

In Exchange

Texting is the second perk of signing up with TextNow. This software lets users send free text messages to any cellphone number. You may also spice up text messages with emoticons, animated GIFs, photos, videos, and other material.

As said, sending texts outside the US and Canada requires a certain TextNow balance. Referring friends, buying in-app items, and watching ads may boost your account.

Larger Group Conferring

TextNow has a group chat feature like other apps. You may talk with several persons in one thread. Conversations may be more fun and participatory using emojis and stickers. Three of TextNow’s best features. In summary, the program lets you call, text, and interact with Facebook friends and clients in the US, Canada, and other countries.

Textnow International Calling How?

Go to the phone dialer page. In the upper right corner, ‘Canada & USA’ is chosen by default. Calls to the US and Canada are free. A drop-down box lets you choose a different country. After selecting a country, its name will replace “Canada & USA.” in the upper right corner. Local call rates replace the ‘Free’ mark underneath the country name. Selecting Belgium shows 8.6 euros per minute.

High-end Product Quantity

 Premium number service from TextNow costs $4.99 per month. Premium numerals are simple and easy to recall, making them ideal for enterprises.

Set Phone Alarm

TextNow offers a locked-in number add-on that permanently binds your phone number to your account. Monthly fees are $4.99.

Sign up for Ad-Free Lite if advertisements disturb you. This extra service eliminates advertisements except for bottom banners.


You may subscribe to Ad-Free+ to block all ads, including the bottom one. The app’s in-app ads will be eliminated with this subscription, greatly enhancing use. The following describes TextNow price and features. Select the best subscriptions for your requirements and budget.


To conclude, most major app review websites rate TextNow highly. User reviews praise TextNow’s simplicity, reliability, free texting, and value. We’ve given you some advice, but conduct your own research before deciding.